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Baltimore (Irish: Dún na Séad) is located in western County Cork, Province of Munster, Ireland. Baltimore is the principle village of the parish of Rath and the Islands, the southern most parish in Ireland. It is the main ferry port to Sherkin Island, Cape Clear Island and the eastern side of Roaring Water Bay (Loch Trasna) and Carbery’s Hundred Isles. Although the name Baltimore is an anglicisation of Irish words (Baile an Tí Mhóir) meaning “Town of the Big House”, the Irish-language name for Baltimore is that of the O’Driscoll castle, Dún na Séad (“Fort of the Jewels”). Baltimore attracts many visitors from within Ireland and the population booms in summer months due to the large number of summer homes that have been built in the area in the last ten years. Baltimore also attracts visitors from elsewhere in Europe and the world, particularly those interested in seafaring. Baltimore has also became a very popular venue for scuba diving, due largely to the number and variety of shipwrecks in the bay.

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